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Inauguración Torneo Interno 2013

Gracias al gran acompañamiento de toda nuestra familia AFAI se pudo desarrollar con normalidad la inauguración de nuestro torneo interno en el estadio el campincito el pasado domingo 29 de Septiembre.

iPhone 4G

iPhone 4G

Sep 05 Written by

iPhone 4G has been recognized as one of the greatest leaps when compared to the various existing 3 G phones. This is because of the belief that this phone will have some of those features which have not existed earlier in even the smartest of the phones. The iPhone 4G has got a lot of cell phone companies and consumers dueling on themselves waiting for its release, so here is our spoiler info.

LG Intuition

LG Intuition

Sep 05 Written by

Verizon has finally formally announced the LG Intuition and its forthcoming availability. Just as previous rumors have suggested, September 6th is the landing date — or September 10th in store — and you can secure yours for $200.

Bits, Bytes and Miscellaneous Technology News

We’re close to Christmas, which can only mean one thing: Yes, consumer electronics manufacturers are gearing up for big CES event in Las Vegas on January 6. That’s the chance for everyone in the trade to convene, share holiday successes and war stories, reflect on what went well during 2012, and look ahead to new products in development.



Sep 03 Written by

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Summary samsung ordered to pay apple

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  • El pasado domingo en partido de pretemporada, nuestra categoría 2002-2003 a cargo del profe Francisco Barrera, derrotó 3-2 a Juventus Academy Colombia, aquí uno de los goles. #futbol #iguarán #amistoso #pretemporada #tirolibre #golazo

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